Thursday, August 4, 2011

Final Day, Final Thoughts

Sadly, today is my last day at the opera house. I have to start making my way back to school and get ready for the endless papers and exams. It has been a great summer but it is time now for some reflection and final goodbyes.

I think the best way for me to really understand what I learned is to recount my expectations and how they changed or did not.

1. I went into this internship with a passion for the arts while not knowing a single thing about opera. I learned more in my first day on the job than I had in my entire life. I got to see my first ever opera, Rigoletto and I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had. The production was completely different than my previous musical theatre experience and I found a new form of art that I enjoy and plan to continue to explore. I think the most fascinating thing I learned is the rich history that is behind this unique art form.

2. I began the summer with an undying interest in finance and numbers and now have a greater understanding, curiosity and appreciation for all that goes into spreading the word about a show. As both the PR and Marketing intern, I got to experience a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. I wrote press releases, updated social media, compiled resources for students and much more. While these tasks are important to the operation of MOT, I came to recognize how important they were in keeping the community interested and involved in opera.

3. I have always believed the arts to be important but I did not know how truly significant they could be for a community until now. During the summer, countless kids filled the opera house for camps, workshops, intensives, and other programs. I now realize how important these programs are for the kids and their continued support of opera and how important this education is for the future of the arts.

4. Finally, before I started the internship I was seriously questioning my goals for a future in the arts. Now, I know that I am definitely in the right field, and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. Besides always having a passion for the arts, I now know that this work has a marked effect on the community and is important for bringing people together. I am really thankful for this experience for reinforcing my goals for the future.

Overall, this experience has been way more valuable than I ever imagined. I am grateful for all the responsibility I was given and the people I met and had the privilege to work with. I had so much fun this summer discovering a new aspect of the arts and I will definitely be back at the opera house for many shows to come.

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