Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ten Reasons Why You Should See The Tchaikovsky Ballet in Sleeping Beauty

1) We bring you exceptional dancers... The Perm Tchaikovsky Ballet is arguably one of the best ballet companies in the world.
2) It's one of Russia's most prestigious ballet companies, behind the Kirov Ballet (the World's second oldest ballet company) and the Bolshoi Ballet.
3) The Perm Ballet was greatly influenced by the Kirov and Vaganova schools.
4) The Sleeping Beauty Ballet is widely regarded as Tchaikovsky's finest musical score and was his first successful ballet composition.
5) Sleeping Beauty is one of the more famous ballets from classical repertoire and was choreographed by Kirov ballet master, Marius Petipa.
6) You'll be seeing the ballet the way audiences did in 1890... The Tchaikovsky Ballet will be performing Marius Petipa's original choreography.
7) Possible VIP access... Audiences who attend Friday's ACCESS event will only pay $15 for tickets (per person) which will get them seating on the main floor, a free drink and a chance to mingle with their friends, the dancers and MOT's General Director, David DiChiera after the show in a post performance reception.
8) Adaptations and arrangements from Tchaikovsky's score are used in the 1959 Walt Disney animated film version of "Sleeping Beauty."
9) No other ballet company knows Tchaikovsky like Perm... the company focuses on the works of Tchaikovsky and has performed all of his ballets.
10) The Sleeping Beauty Ballet was considered one of many masterpieces choreographed by Petipa.

* It's an event all audiences can enjoy! : )

Friday, March 12, 2010

Win Your Family Tickets to The Detroit Science Center!

"How's your family "going green"?", ask two members of the Michigan Opera Theatre's Children's Chorus, in a YouTube video competition, designed to promote their upcoming performance of Cary John Franklin's "The Very Last Green Thing."

The competition which was launched earlier this week encourages viewers to post a video response for a chance to win one of five family-four pack tickets to the Detroit Science Center. Contestants have until Wednesday, April 23 to post their response in order to be considered in the competition. Individuals interested in entering the contest can participate by clicking the YouTube link, on the opera houses homepage or they can follow this link MOTCC's Very Last Green Thing Video Competition.

A fully staged production of "The Very Last Green Thing" will be performed by the Michigan Opera Theatre's Children's Chorus, MOTCC, on Saturday, April 24, 2010 at the Detroit Opera House. The MOTCC will be partnering with the Detroit Science Center and Detroit's RecycleHere! program. The Detroit Science Center will give a brief presentation from their " Going Green" traveling show before Saturdays performance. Families are also encouraged to bring a plastic bottle from home to recycle with RecycleHere!.

Composed by Cary John Franklin with libretto by Micheal Patrick Albeno, the opera depicts a classroom of students in 2192, who take a rare field trip outside and discover a time capsule, containing an unusual object... a small-green withering plant.